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It’s time to retire from alpaca breeding.

A few of the girls and Sylvia!
A few of the girls and Sylvia!

With the passing of my dear husband and alpaca farmer extraordinaire, it is time to find new homes for our herd. We loved the alpaca lifestyle and built a successful agri-tourism and fiber business.

We are no longer able to offer farm tours. However, if you are interested in talking about the purchase of alpacas or you are yearning for some premium alpaca yarn from our herd we can arrange an appointment.

ALPACA YARN STILL AVAILABLE! Beautiful alpaca yarn from our harvest and rugs woven from our own fleece, plus alpaca clothing are still available in our farmstore in a yurt. If you are yearning for alpaca yarn or thinking about holiday gifts  – be sure to give us a call or send an email.

OUR HERD IS FOR SALE and includes breeding males and females ready to start or continue their breeding careers.  The herd includes a rose grey female, rich mahogany browns, lustrous black and white. We have one gelded male and one non-breeding male. And, we have one stunningly elegant guard llama, Sylvia. New alpaca owners are offered mentoring to get you started on your own path to successful alpaca breeding and fiber production.  Our alpacas are halter trained and many have been 4H trained and all are very reasonably priced.

Details about each alpaca is listed on OpenHerd.com

Please feel free to give us a call or email with questions about our alpacas or to schedule a visit to the farm. 206.778.9619

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