All our alpacas have new homes!

Breeding for Quality Fiber Production

We believe the future of the alpaca industry is in high quality fiber production. As alpaca breeders our goal was to maximize the income potential from our fiber harvest without compromising the conformation and health of our alpacas. Individual Certified Sort Records noting the unique characteristics of each alpaca’s fleece are used to guide our breeding decisions. We can help you find a Certified Sorter to help you maximize the potential of your fleece production.

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Working with Other Farms. We belong to the Natural Fiber Producers (NFP), a co-operative of small alpaca farms just like us from around the USA and Canada. The co-op allows small farms to sell commercially manufactured alpaca products Made in America at a reasonable cost and return a profit as a participating small farm. Certified Sorting services are available to alpaca farms so they may also submit fiber to the NFP co-op and have a better understanding of the fleece they are producing.