Shorn before a heat wave.

girlsjustshornAll the alpacas are happy to have had their furry winter coats  shorn off before the temps reached record highs in the Northwest! All 20 alpacas and mama llama Sylvia had haircuts and toenail trims in mid June. They look so skinny without their fluffy fleece.

As always we were left with bags and bags of fleece. Most of it is already sorted by fiber characteristics into different grades and sent off to the mill to be made into premium yarns. We’re grateful to have another fleece harvest done for the year. Thanks to our excellent shearer and all our helpers! We are so appreciative of your hard work and good spirits as the day wore on and on.

CoolSprayBoysThese last couple of weeks have been really hot here on Whidbey and there’s no rain forecast as far out as we can see. On the hottest days the alpacas truly enjoy a bit of spray to cool off. We’re finding they are more interested in greeting visitors in the morning hours. By late afternoon they are all hunkered down in the shade of their shelters and not very willing to come out into the sun.



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