Naturally curious.

Alpacas: luxuriously soft and curiously charming.

Look into the eyes of an alpaca and you’ll see an intelligent and curious animal — each one with its own personality. They produce luxurious fleece that rivals cashmere in softness and is warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Here are some quick alpaca facts to get you up to speed on camelids.

We’re open most days. 10 am to 4 pm. Call ahead to be sure we are there to welcome you. 206.510.0434.

• Alpacas are native to South America in high altitude regions found in Chile, Bolivia, Peru.
• There are 2 distinct breeds – Huacaya and Suri. Our herd are huacayas.

• Alpacas graze on pasture and eat orchard grass hay.

• Alpacas are found in 22 natural colors – white, various fawns, browns, grays and black.

• Alpaca babies are called cria. [ cree-uh].

• Alpacas are friendly and curious but may keep their distance until they feel comfortable with you.

• Do they spit? Yes, it’s just one form of communication between them. However, they rarely will spit intentionally at you.

• Alpacas and llamas come from the same family – Camelids and they get along fine together in the pasture. Our llamas are guards for the alpaca herd to protect from coyotes.

We welcome visitors all year round. A visit to the farm will give you an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the sweetest alpacas you’ll ever see.


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