Two fabulous fleece producers for sale.

There are two boys who still need new pastures to graze!


The rest of the herd has found new homes and are all being lovingly cared for. I couldn’t be happier with the the new owners. Just visited 6 of my boys last weekend over on the Kitsap Peninsula.

theboys_fbThey came running to see me — probably expecting treats.  And Bendito nibbled on my jacket just like he always did.  Had a lot of fun introducing a budding fiber lover to the art of spinning! How can you resist the feel of luxuriously soft alpaca fleece slipping through your fingers and watching the magic of spinning it into yarn.

If anyone is interested in watching 2 wonderful alpaca  boys grazing in your pasture and nibbling out of your hand — just send an email.  I’m happy to tell you all about raising these amazing creatures.

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