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Closing the chapter on alpaca farm.

loadingBackDoor-blogThe last of our alpacas were loaded up and are now at home in a new pasture. The chapter is closed on my career as an alpaca breeder. It was a wonderful adventure filled with loads of new friends and learning experiences.

We had the pleasure of getting to know a group of fabulous kids in the 4H alpaca program. It was such fun to watch them grow in confidence, gain new skills, mentor each other and become mature young adults.  They have become lasting friends and I’m grateful to be able to continue to share in their adventures into college and beyond.

Over the years we were open to the public as an agri-tourism destination, we met so many fascinating people. They came from all over the world and spoke many languages. Many would come back year after year when they visited Whidbey.  Still a year after the farm was closed to visitors, I still get several calls a week and people that drop in because they’ve been here before and wanted to come back to see the alpacas again. It’s sad to turn them away.

The plan is to continue working with fiber and focus on hand weaving alpaca rugs. Our alpaca yarn is for sale at Knitty Purls, a lovely local knit shop in Langley, WA.  And the rugs, well I’m not sure yet where they will be featured for sale.

Thank you to all of the hundreds of visitors that came to the farm. Hal and I loved sharing our alpaca lifestyle with you and introducing you to the most charming and luxuriously fluffy livestock you’ll every meet.

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Two great boys need a new pasture to graze.

We have just two boys still at Fern Ridge Alpacas. Apollo and Demitrius are great fleece producers. They are both 4H experienced, halter trained and pretty friendly with visitors. Demitrius’ fleece has won blue ribbons at regional spin-off competitions. His yarn is a favorite with our knitting customers.  Please help them find a new home. If you know of anyone who would enjoy having them please have them contact me!

Demitrius and Apollo
Demitrius and Apollo
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Two fabulous fleece producers for sale.

There are two boys who still need new pastures to graze!


The rest of the herd has found new homes and are all being lovingly cared for. I couldn’t be happier with the the new owners. Just visited 6 of my boys last weekend over on the Kitsap Peninsula.

theboys_fbThey came running to see me — probably expecting treats.  And Bendito nibbled on my jacket just like he always did.  Had a lot of fun introducing a budding fiber lover to the art of spinning! How can you resist the feel of luxuriously soft alpaca fleece slipping through your fingers and watching the magic of spinning it into yarn.

If anyone is interested in watching 2 wonderful alpaca  boys grazing in your pasture and nibbling out of your hand — just send an email.  I’m happy to tell you all about raising these amazing creatures.

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Shearing done for this year!

Last year it was so hot our alpacas were very happy to have all that luxurious fleece sheared off. This year the temps have dropped and they are no doubt longing to have their furry coats back. But hot weather will come again soon. We had a very successful shearing day . . . shearing 17 alpacas in 4 hours. A great team effort. Thanks to everyone and our terrific shearer. Everybody stayed on task and kept us moving right along.

At the end of the day we were happy to send 4 of our girls to a new home. New owners, Sandra and Paula, will be wonderful alpaca owners. It was quite the learning day for them at their first shearing. By now they are old hands at haltering alpacas, trimming toenails and collecting fiber.

Demitrius and Apollo
Demitrius and Apollo
Berkeley in full fleece

There are just 4 alpacas left at Fern Ridge now — two males and two females. We are very motivated to find new homes for these great fleece producing white alpacas. If you are a fiber lover you could be harvesting your own fleece in your own pasture. The dense, soft white fiber can be dyed any color you fancy. Alpacas are great for kids to learn to care for livestock. Our two boys are 4H experienced. Please contact us if you would like to discover what alpacas will add to your life.

Rosaline - shorn
Rosaline – shorn
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Sorry, we’re not open for visitors.

We’re very sorry to disappoint the kids and alpaca loving adults but we’re NOT OPEN any longer for visitors.  The herd is for sale and we have just 4 alpacas who still need to find new pastures. If you are interested please contact us about purchasing alpacas.  We’d love to share our experience, expertise and love of all things alpaca.

Demitrius and Apollo
Demitrius and Apollo – huacaya males
Berkeley – mother to Apollo and Demitrius Also to Rosaline – not pictured here.
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Just five alpacas left to find new homes.

Asa-fullfleece_notagWe are delighted that our alpacas are finding wonderful new homes. Some of our boys have gone to the Kitsap Peninsula, some boys and girls have stayed here on the island and others have gone further afield. As of today, we just have 2 boys and 3 girls that still need to find new pastures to graze. Apollo, our first born, and his half-brother, Demitrius are two very sweet white alpaca boys that produce a lot of beautiful fleece. Demitrius’ fleece has won awards in spin-off competitions. Our knitting customers rave about the softness of his yarn.

Berkeley_picThe females for sale include Berkeley, one of our original foundation females, and her daughter, Rosaline, and Asa who produces beautiful rich brown fleece.

If you’ve been thinking about how alpacas could enhance your farm, don’t delay. Give us a call and we’ll be delighted to share our experience raising these wonderful creatures and introduce you to our alpacas.

We are no longer open for tours and the farm store is also closed. However, if you are looking for yarn you can email us or drop in to Knitty Purls in Langley to find our fine alpaca yarn.

And, if you’ve been dreaming of raising alpacas now is the time to contact us. We are motivated to sell these last 5 and our prices are very reasonable.


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Finding new homes!

We’re delighted that our gorgeous rose grey girl, Freya, has a new home with fiber enthusiast and alpaca breeder SnowFlake Fibers!   Two boys, Felix and Kuro are now living on the farm of one of our terrific 4H families. Both boys have had 4H training and their new owners Erica and Christina will be putting these boys through their paces in preparation for the fair in August.

Demetrius showing off his award winning fleece.


We now have 3 white males and one shiny black male in the boy’s pasture.  Demetrius‘ white fleece is an award winner!  Giovanni also produces white fleece that is one of our customer’s favorite yarns. Apollo, our first born boy,  produces a very dense white fleece.


Hermes is one of those alpacas that really stands out in the pasture. So many of our farm visitors were in love with Hermes, as his shiny black fleece drew your attention right away. Knitters love the blue/black shine of his fleece.



Experienced mom - Electra produces great cria and mahogany fleece
Experienced mom – Electra produces great cria and mahogany fleece

And the girls! Rosaline (full sister to award winning Demetrius) and Aster (our youngest at 3) also produce volumes of white fluffy fleece. Two more girls, Electra and Asa, are rich mahogany brown with black undertones.  And our bay black female, Rachael is a very experienced mom who produces rich black yarn with a hint of brown undertones.  We have maidens ready to start their breeding careers and 3 are experienced moms: Berkeley, Electra and Rachael. Any or all  of these girls would make fabulous foundation females to get you started on your own herd.

Contact us about any of these alpacas. We’re anxious to find new homes for all of them. Prices are very reasonable. Email us for more details on each alpaca.

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It’s time to retire from alpaca breeding.

A few of the girls and Sylvia!
A few of the girls and Sylvia!

With the passing of my dear husband and alpaca farmer extraordinaire, it is time to find new homes for our herd. We loved the alpaca lifestyle and built a successful agri-tourism and fiber business.

We are no longer able to offer farm tours. However, if you are interested in talking about the purchase of alpacas or you are yearning for some premium alpaca yarn from our herd we can arrange an appointment.

ALPACA YARN STILL AVAILABLE! Beautiful alpaca yarn from our harvest and rugs woven from our own fleece, plus alpaca clothing are still available in our farmstore in a yurt. If you are yearning for alpaca yarn or thinking about holiday gifts  – be sure to give us a call or send an email.

OUR HERD IS FOR SALE and includes breeding males and females ready to start or continue their breeding careers.  The herd includes a rose grey female, rich mahogany browns, lustrous black and white. We have one gelded male and one non-breeding male. And, we have one stunningly elegant guard llama, Sylvia. New alpaca owners are offered mentoring to get you started on your own path to successful alpaca breeding and fiber production.  Our alpacas are halter trained and many have been 4H trained and all are very reasonably priced.

Details about each alpaca is listed on

Please feel free to give us a call or email with questions about our alpacas or to schedule a visit to the farm. 206.778.9619

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Whidbey Island Fiber Quest!

yarn_blogFall is here and we’re all thinking about the warm and cozy things we can knit and crochet.  Five of Whidbey Island’s fiber farms and 2 great yarn stores are participating in FiberQuest 2015.  At each farm you can meet the alpacas that produce the luxuriously soft yarn and roving.  Start planning your holiday gift giving of hand-made alpaca clothing.

Satisfy your fiber love with the Whidbey Island FiberQuest: September 25-26-27. You can download ticket with map of farms/stores here. FQ-2015_Ticket.


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A new chapter.

Sadly, at this time we are unable to have regular open hours for tours. Our finest tour guide and farmer extraordinaire is no longer with us and we miss him very much.

In this next chapter we are hoping to find new pastures for the herd. However, if you are yearning for alpaca clothing or yarn we have socks, gloves, hats and scarves and yarn available in our farm store.  Please contact us and we’ll take care of you.

If you know of anyone who wants to bring these lovable livestock into their farm life have them contact us.

If you’re planning on visiting the island this weekend – Sept 12 and 13, we encourage you to do the Whidbey Island Farm Tour. One note: although we are listed in the printed brochure we unfortunately had to withdraw from the farm tour. But there are plenty of other wonderful stops on the tour: from locally grown vegetables, cheese made from sheep’s milk to a fiber mill and a distillery.

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